Do you know the rules of Golf?

Royal Westmoreland

On hole number ten, a ball is hit from the tee box into the cabrada. It is found and played, for two, from within the cabrada, but unfortunately stayed within the cabrada where it remained in an unplayable position.


What are the player’s option for his next shot? Have a look at the rule 26 below:

Golf Rule 26 – Water Hazards and Lateral Water Hazards
Ball played from within the water hazard – If the player plays his ball from within the hazard and his next shot comes to rest in the same hazard, the player can

(i) play the ball as it lies from the new location in the same hazard

(ii) one-stroke penalty and drop at the spot or as near as possible on the spot the player last played his shot outside of the hazard (for example, on a par 3 if his first shot came to rest in the water he would have to play over from the teeing ground)

(iii) one-stroke penalty and drop a ball in the hazard at or as near as possible to the spot his last stroke was played. If the player doesn’t want to play from where he dropped a ball within the hazard he can add an additional penalty stroke and

a. play a ball behind the water hazard on the imaginary line explained above
b. if he is in a lateral water hazard drop within two-club lengths as explained above, or
c. play from the spot or as near as possible at the spot the last stroke was played outside the hazard.