About Royal Westmoreland

This year, Royal Westmoreland celebrates its 30th anniversary. In those 30 years, over 300 exceptional homes have been built. During this time, we have seen an influx of home owners and their guests and also holidaymakers arrive through our gates, selecting Royal Westmoreland as their exclusive honeypot destination.

First-rate amenities, a like-minded community, and assured security are all qualities that have shaped Royal Westmoreland into the name it is today.


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At Royal Westmoreland, whether you’re visiting us for a short stay, or joining our community on a more permanent basis we are committed to delivering the same unparalleled experience, encouraging you to make the most of your idyllic Caribbean escape.  Located in the most desirable area of Barbados, we find value in fusing the beauty of our surroundings with a service like no other.

The birth of Royal Westmoreland began in 2004 after pioneer John Morphet arrived on the island, taken aback by the natural allure of its panoramas, culture and climate. In a recent venture, with an expansion of 250 acres saw the resort take on new heights. With a vision of creating a community of homeowners seeking that paradisiacal one-stop destination, later proving itself as one of the most exclusive addresses in the Caribbean.

The style of homes on resort varies depending on individual preference, from quaint townhouses to some of the largest bespoke mansions on the island. Part of the Royal experience is the ability to select your idyllic location and property. This is reinforced further with the bespoke villas, where you yourself have autonomy of design, as they are being built with trusted tailored expertise from our in-house team. Many homeowner’s choose to earn additional income by renting out their homes, when they aren’t being used. Or if you aren’t quite at the ownership stage, we also recommend our Fractional Ownership inclusion – allowing you to dip your toes into the water of life at Royal Westmoreland, by purchasing a specific time period, within a specific property. And with over half of holidaymakers converting to our fractional offering, its temptation speaks for itself…

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