A Thrill Seeker's Guide To Barbados

Royal Westmoreland

Adventure, exploration, and fun: all of these things are possible in Barbados. The country has an interesting history, and the very ground itself still holds many adventures to be had. There are so many ways to get your heart going in Barbados, whether it’s the breathtaking views, adventure tours, or just exploration, it has something to offer everybody!



Jungle hikes and 4×4 tours are becoming very popular amongst those who want to get out and explore the wilderness in a high octane way.

There are a great many ways to walk and hike through the jungles, with many paths marked out for safety and ease of getting around. The more popular routes are often parts of nature reserves, and will more often than not be mentioned if you happen to go on one of the tours.



There is a cave complex known as Harrison’s Cave, which is only accessible by tram. This was documented as early as 1795, and even permits people to leave the tram at designated zones! There are a whole variety of structures within the complex, and will definitely be worth your while when you check it out.


Water sports/Diving

The clear blue seas of Barbados are ideal to go diving and snorkelling; the island was once a coral reef itself, and all of the white sands are generated by the coral reefs. There are many companies offering diving services, but there are so many opportunities to go snorkelling in the shallows and find sea life closer than you’d expect!

There are also plenty of opportunities to try your hand at water sports, the many beaches are home to all manner of fun. You’ll most likely spot a couple of people on jet skis, or coasting around in boats; why not have some of that for yourself? There are multiple ways to get involved at Barbados, and you certainly don’t want to miss out.



Nearer the centre of the island of Barbados, there are much more rural areas, more nature, and far more opportunities to explore and experience freedom. There are viewpoints all over, rugged coastlines and lots of exotic flora and fauna to discover. Green Monkeys, native to Barbados are often people’s goal to see, and can be spotted in areas such as Welchman Hall at feeding time.

There are many reminders of Barbados’ exciting and haunting past, tales of adventure and woe. There are old Plantation sites, of which there are guided tours.

Lots of Barbados is hike-friendly, and this can mean great things for those who look to walk and explore. Of course, remain sensible, but enjoy the freedom of exploring!

Out of all the experiences, Barbados will be what you make of it! After a day of thrills, you may want to settle and wind down. In the case of winding down and enjoying a whole new side to the Caribbean paradise, make sure to check out our post regarding 10 Of The Best Restaurants In Barbados.