Live Like A Local: Barbados

Royal Westmoreland


Not all of us were lucky enough to be born and raised in Barbados, but we can all have fun pretending. If you want to experience the island as a local would, we’ve put together a list of places to visit and things to do which will have you blending in with the residents in no time.


Head to Bridgetown

Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados and is well known for its lively feel. Inscribed onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011 and, in Barbados, commonly referred to as “The City”, Bridgetown is historically significant, so it’s the perfect destination for any culture vulture.

Head to Broad Street and Swan Street for great shopping and a dose of culture or pay a visit to Cheapside Market where locals and tourist alike go to buy Bajan cuisine, along with jewellery, homeware, and even leather.


Visit the Garrison Savannah

The historical Garrison Savannah is a racetrack in Barbados which has been open since 1845 and holds three racing seasons annually. This is the place to go if you enjoy festivities and a lively atmosphere as you will be amongst hundreds of spectators.

Not only is the Garrison Savannah great for fans of horse racing, it can also be a fun day out for families. The track’s surrounding areas are ideal for picnics and there is plenty of local food being served up.


Go to a lime

Barbados is no stranger to a good party and, on the island, parties are often referred to as ‘limes’. One of the best places to visit for an authentic Bajan lime is Oistins Fish Fry on a Friday night.

Here you can expect to find a vast array of fish including swordfish, tuna, marlin, flying fish, and mahi-mahi, but the real attraction has to be the atmosphere. This child-friendly Friday night party features lots of music and dancing and you’ll have a real opportunity to meet some locals.


Take a catamaran trip

Catamaran cruises are popular in Barbados and, with Tiami Catamaran Cruises, you can choose from a range of packages, such as the Tiami Luxury Lunch Cruise, the Tiami Turtles at Sunset, and the Tiami afternoon delight.

On these cruises you can enjoy everything from cocktails and food to snorkelling and beach stops so, if you’re a lover of luxury, it’s definitely worthwhile to take a catamaran trip in Barbados.


Hire a car and tour the island

Barbados is a small island, so it’s easy to explore from one side to the other if you hire a car. There are plenty of car rental companies available around the island, such as Stoutes Car Rental Ltd, and you’ll be able to discover those off the beaten track gems which many tourists don’t get to see.


Explore underwater

For an underwater adventure, there are exciting submarine tours available with Atlantis Submarines. You can choose to have a day, evening, or night dive, each of which has its own merits.

The daytime dive is fully-narrated and is one of Barbados’ most popular day trips. The dive lasts for approximately 40 minutes and shows the hustle and bustle of the busy reefs during daylight hours.

The evening dive takes you underwater at a common feeding time at the reef. Romantic music is played as you sail along, giving the dive the perfect intimate feel.

The night dive, which is followed by a cocktail reception, has less fish and predator action than the daytime and evening dives but uses lighting to give you a unique view of the reefs.


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