Happy 20th Birthday to us

We are in a celebratory mood here at Royal Westmoreland having turned 20 years old this April.


The estate is barely recognisable from the original site of sugar cane fields in 1994. Having dug into the archives we have pulled out some fascinating old photos, and discovered some interesting facts and figures that chart the estate’s rise and extent of the estate’s operations today:

Did you know?

1.On average there are 500 rounds of golf played per week
2.On average there are 12 hole-in-ones a year, with 240 recorded in the 20 years we have been open
3.62 is the lowest recorded score on the golf course, shot by Masters Winner Ian Woosnam
4.90 is the average 18 hole score at Royal Westmoreland
5. There’s an average of 70 treatments at the Indulgence Spa per week
6.The Clubhouse serves 24,000 covers per year
7.There are 145 swimming pools across the estate
8. There have been 260 BBQ nights at The Rum Shak
9. There are 1,800 drinks served by the beach team at Mullins on average each week
10. There are 350 rum punches served in the Clubhouse each week
For more interesting stats please see our infographic at (website link)

Owner John Morphet says: “I think everyone who has been involved with Royal Westmoreland can all be extremely proud of its development. Guests and owners love the golf course, the great location and the privacy. When you add the wonderful lifestyle, the friendly local people and fabulous weather, it’s a winning combination.”