Eight Of The Most Perfect Places To Propose In Barbados

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Barbados is a very romantic destination, with a great many couples visiting all year round to experience a beautiful and relaxing break together.

It is also a very popular place to pop the question, and it isn’t hard to see why! There’s romance around every corner in Barbados, so if you’re planning on bringing your loved one here to propose yourself, here are our 8 favourite romantic spots to get down on one knee.


Flower Forest

With a name like Flower Forest, you know it’s going to be a romantic spot before you even arrive. There are many incredible plants and flowers, as well as stunning views.

There are several different paths you can take through this tranquil paradise, as well as a cafe where the welcoming staff will prepare you food and refreshments.

Why not enjoy a gentle stroll together through the forest, and then ask the big question while taking in one of the beautiful views?


On the beach at sunset

One of the most accessible and easy yet romantic things to do while spending time in Barbados is to take a walk along one of the many beautiful beaches as the sun sets.

With so many incredible beaches on the island, why not check out our quick guide to the best of the best?


A sunset cruise

For a really romantic evening out, you can book a sunset catamaran cruise, and if you let the captain know of your plans in advance, he will go the extra mile to ensure your evening is romantic and intimate. You could either create a private area on one of the chartered cruises or book a private evening for just the two of you!

What could be more romantic than bobbing gently in the ocean as the sun goes down when you pop the question and popping some champagne in the moonlight if all goes to plan!


Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Another beautiful location for a romantic stroll is the Andromeda Botanic Gardens, which is a truly remarkable historic site with many rare plants and flowers.

While Barbados has several incredible gardens, each is very much unique and has so much to offer and the Botanic Gardens are certainly a favourite.

What’s more, the entrance fee grants you three weeks of unlimited access, so you can return should you get cold feet the first time, or wish to scout out just the right spot.


Orchid World

Orchid World is another beautiful flower garden, but as the name suggests there are a great many wonderful types of orchids, as well as a waterfall, and meandering paths through this sanctuary of tranquillity.

The sound of birdsong only adds to the atmosphere, and there are many benches at strategic points for you to sit together while you work up the courage to ask the big question.


Animal Flower Cave

Pay a visit to St Lucy, where the island’s only accessible sea cave is located, under the cliffs of North Point.

The floor is 400,000 year old coral, and there are lots of beautiful rock formations and anemones. When the water is calm, you can swim in the pools and take in the view of the ocean through the mouth of the cave together.


Cafe Luna

Enjoy a Mediterranean-style alfresco meal together in one of the most romantic restaurants on the island, Cafe Luna.

This beautiful rooftop restaurant offers panoramic views of the ocean, and is sure to set the mood and ensure you get the answer you’ve been hoping for, particularly if you time your booking to coincide with the sunset!


The Cliff

The Cliff is another renowned restaurant famed for its romantic setting and atmosphere. You may need to book well in advance to be sure to get a table by the sea. This exclusive venue features torchlight, white linen tablecloths, and exquisite food.


We hope this has given you some inspiration for just a few of the wonderful and romantic places you could propose on the beautiful island of Barbados. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for more great ideas for things to do while you are visiting!