A Quick Guide To The Best Walks In Barbados

Royal Westmoreland


Barbados, a Caribbean island with a vibrant, rich history, and amazing culture. To accompany all of the interesting history, there are many artefacts and mementos that were left behind. Accompanied by the incredibly scenic views, gorgeous environment, and unique opportunities to see exotic flora and fauna, it is rather obvious as to why many choose to go on walks and hikes around the island. So where is best? Here’s a close look at which walks are the best in Barbados.

Whether you want to cover distance, learn more, or just enjoy the scenery in a relaxing walk, there are a huge variety of different walks to be covered and explored.


Beach Walks

Morgan Lewis Beach

Perfect for long walks, the white sands of Morgan Lewis Beach are seldom visited by many except fishermen. Although the sea isn’t suitable for swimming, the views and calm setting are perfect for photographs and admiring the surroundings.


Paradise Beach

Although it is a popular choice, this beach is seldom busy. Soft sands make it ideal for a long walk along the shore, and the clear blue water is perfect for a quick swim to cool off and watch the world go by.



One of the longest beaches in Barbados, Pierhead is perfect for a long stroll. Soft white sands, perfect blue shallows, and well connected to Bridgetown; perfect for a long, calm walk and a visit to one of the many local restaurants.


Designated Hikes

There are companies on the island who offer free hiking guides, but often many choose to pre-plan their own walks.

Windy Hill

The Lakes Beach is well connected to the path to begin this. The hike is rather short, being only 1.37 miles, but involves a lot of uphill walking. Eventually you reach a summit, loop back around and walk either to Windy Hill or back down to the Lakes Beach.


Tent Bay to Hillcrest

A moderately simple walk along the coast, 2.15 miles long, great for sightseeing and covering a scenic area.


Bath Beach to Martins Bay

A moderate hike covering 5.8 miles along the coast, this walk allows for lots of shade and beautiful views off the east coast of the island. There are lots of facilities near Bath Beach, which is convenient when planning this walk!



As with the hikes, there are multiple tours offered for those interested in the history of Barbados. Of course, to organise one yourself you may want to visit these locations…


Sunbury Plantation

A house dating back to 1660, in the times of slavery and the highly profitable sugar trade.

Learn more about the harrowing history and the impact plantations had upon their surroundings.

There are a great many places to walk around here, whilst also being well connected to local residential areas.


Cherry Tree Hill Reserve

Absolutely perfect for good walks, Cherry Tree Hill provides an amazing view over Barbados’ Scotland District, whilst also housing one of the few remaining Jacobean Mansions. There are opportunities to explore the home, or to stop by the home of one of Barbados’ own rum distilleries.


Hopefully this guide helped you choose something geared toward your preferences! If you’re still looking for more to do, make sure you check out our post about 12 Things to Do in Barbados to Occupy an Afternoon!