Why a Royal Westmoreland Property is Ideal for Families

If you are a parent looking to buy a foreign holiday property for your family, making the right decision can be a challenge. Indeed, there are lots of things you will need to consider, not just for now but for the future as your children grow up. For those considering a Caribbean property, here we explain why Royal Westmoreland, Barbados, is the ideal location.

Great family accommodation

Families have additional requirements when it comes to finding the right property. Aside from fabulously designed, exquisitely finished villas or apartments with designer kitchens, en-suite bathrooms and all the mod cons, parents need kid-friendly accommodation too. At Royal Westmoreland, we have ground floor apartments and single-storey villas, all with open plan living spaces where it’s easy to keep an eye on the children whether they are in the home or out on the terrace.

Our properties come in a range of sizes and with a choice over the number of bedrooms and en-suites available, there are communal pools shared by small numbers of apartments or private pools for villas and on-site, you’ll find tennis courts, places to eat and drink and acres of space for the family to enjoy.

Forget the mess

Young children and teenagers can be notoriously messy and you don’t want to be spending too much of your holiday time cleaning up after them. One of the advantages that Royal Westmoreland parents can enjoy is that all of our members are provided with a housekeeper while their properties are in use. So, when those sticky fingerprints begin to appear and when your teens use the bedroom floor as a wardrobe, those little problems are taken care of while you get on with your holiday.

Great family activities in Barbados

No matter what age your children are, there are plenty of things in Barbados for them to enjoy. Our beautiful beaches, for example, offer a world of potential: youngsters can paddle and build sandcastles and as they grow older, they can snorkel in the calm shallow sea with the turtles, learn to surf, windsurf, sail and much more. They can even learn to dive the reefs and shipwrecks, take a tour on a pirate galleon or explore under the seas on the island’s tourist submarine.

Elsewhere, there are countless opportunities for family fun: jeep safaris, art galleries, historical houses and museums, kid-friendly diners, music concerts, annual carnivals and festivals, go-karting, pony-trekking, catamaran tours, green monkey watching and countless places of natural beauty to explore.

Safety first

Regardless of their age, if you have children, you’ll want to put the safety of your family at the top of your list of priorities. When it comes to locations, Barbados is one of the safest places to purchase a property. The island has a stable government and crime rates are and have been consistently low, something that has given the country a long-term appeal to affluent holidaymakers, including many celebrities and their families.

For property owners at Royal Westmoreland, you can be assured that safety goes even further. Our 750-acre estate is private and gated with discrete but ever-present 24/7 security.


Grown-up children

Eventually, there comes the time when your children grow up and fly the nest. When this happens, your Royal Westmoreland property then becomes something your children can visit on their own, with their own families or even for extended family holidays where all generations can get together to enjoy the island. What’s more, as the property owner, you can pass your property to your children to inherit.

Ideal for renting out to other families

As a property owner at Royal Westmoreland, you are able to rent your villa or apartment out to others when you are not using it. As the most prestigious luxury resort in Barbados, the income you can earn from this is considerable, even more so if your home is suitable for other families like your own.

What’s more, when you rent out your property, those who come as guests will also have membership privileges during their stay, giving them the same access that you have to our world-class amenities, such as our championship-class golf course, and personal services, like the housekeeper, concierge and personal chefs.


What makes a great family holiday property? Somewhere that’s safe and secure, with luxury accommodation and world-class amenities; where there are endless things for the family to do, year after year and as the children get older; where grown-up children can bring their own families and eventually inherit the property; and where the property can be rented out when not in use, helping to provide a steady income over the long term.

If this sounds like an ideal location to buy your family holiday property, visit our Ownership page to see our stunning villas and apartments.

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