The Benefits of Fractional Ownership

Royal Westmoreland Properties

If you’ve loved staying as a guest at Royal Westmoreland and are thinking of how it would feel to become a Member and keep coming back year after year, there’s good news, because there is a way to experience it all with Fractional Ownership.

Fractional Ownership is the perfect stepping stone between renting and full purchase, but what exactly is it, and how does it work?

So why should you choose fractional ownership?

Well firstly, the fact that you actually own your share of the property – at the end of the rental villa holiday you have great photos and nothing more, at the end of a Fractional Ownership holiday you still own the property.

As time goes on you may choose to rent the property out and turn it into more of an investment, you may choose to pass it on to your children sharing the joy and benefits of your holiday home with your family, you may choose to sell it capturing back the money spent making the holidays ‘free’.

You can make your investment work for you by paying for another holiday; we’re part of the Preferred Residences Group, who offer luxury residences right around the world, which you can trade your dates in for, such as The K Club in Ireland and La Quinta Resort in California.

And if you find that you really love the lifestyle choice of Royal Westmoreland you can trade the Fractional Ownership in for full ownership at what you paid or the current selling price, whichever is greater.

Finally, fractional ownership gives you a real sense of community, giving you the chance to meet new people in your own Caribbean home from home. One of the unique parts of fractional ownership is the same people come at the same time every year allowing for golf buddies and dinner parties to be part of the lifestyle experience.

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