Own the time you spend at Royal Westmoreland

Royal Westmoreland Properties

Many of you spend your holidays with us every year and it was with this in mind that we launched our Fractional Ownership scheme.

Designed to enable guests to live a luxury lifestyle at a fraction of the cost of buying a home on the estate, the scheme lets you purchase part ownership of a property at Royal Westmoreland, so you can enjoy your chosen weeks each and every year at a reduced cost.

A bit like paying for all your future holidays upfront, this stress-free and flexible solution starts from just £60,837 for two weeks in a stunning Royal Palm Villa.

Neil and Moya Pinder purchased two weeks in a four-bedroom Royal Palm Villa after holidaying at Royal Westmoreland for eight years and used the 25 per cent tax-free element of Moya’s pension to cover the cost.

“We could never afford to buy a place like this as they cost millions. But buying a part ownership is a perfect solution as we are far too busy to visit for more than a couple of weeks a year,” says Neil. “We can rent it out if we don’t go, and it’s willable to the kids. We think of it as part of the pension portfolio, but one that we can take advantage of now.”

Included in the price is the luxury service standard enjoyed by rental guests with daily housekeeping, a concierge service, and the added benefits that come with Club Membership. You can also exchange your weeks for holidays elsewhere in the world as well as renting out your weeks.