Fractional Ownership - The Best Deal for Frequent Barbados Visitors

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If you are one of the many people whose love for Barbados brings you back to the island time and time again, you’ve probably considered buying a holiday villa or apartment where you can come back to. If you have, then fractional ownership might be the ideal solution you are looking for and, in this post, we’ll explain why.

What is fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership is perhaps best known as a timeshare. It’s where a small number of unrelated parties share in the ownership of a high-value property. Each party gets allocated a certain number of weeks a year where they have exclusive use of the property and all the maintenance costs and overheads are shared amongst the owners in proportion to how large a share of the property they own.

A better property for less cost

If Barbados is your holiday destination, there are only certain times of the year you’ll be visiting. Buying a property outright, so that it’s going to be left empty for much of the year is not necessarily the best use of your money. Fractional ownership enables you to purchase enough access to meet your holiday requirements but, because you are only buying a share in a villa or an apartment, the cost is much reduced.

What many people find is that the lower cost of purchasing a timeshare enables them to upgrade to a much better level of accommodation. The luxury villas and apartments that were beyond their budget when it came to buying outright suddenly become affordable when fractional ownership becomes an option. Indeed, fractional ownership of high-standard accommodation can still work out much cheaper than buying a far less luxurious holiday home outright.

Make an income from your fractional ownership

One of the advantages of fractional ownership is that you are free to rent out the property for the weeks you have access. So, if you have purchased a share with more weeks than you personally need or if you fancy going somewhere else for your holidays, you can earn income for those weeks.

As a regular visitor to Barbados, you’ll know that a luxury apartment or villa on the prestigious west coast can be very expensive to rent. As a fractional owner, instead of having to pay those rents, you can actually earn them. This is income that can pay off any annual maintenance expenses, cover the costs of your flights when you visit or go towards any special holiday treats.

Long-term rewards

As a fractional owner, you still retain the benefits you have of owning any property. For example, if you decide to sell your share in the villa or apartment, you’ll profit from any increase in value that has accrued during your ownership. Many of our fractional owners use their property as part of their pension portfolio for this reason. You can also leave your share of the property to your children in your will so they can inherit it just as they would your family home.

Benefits of fractional ownership at The Royal Westmoreland

If you purchase a share of a villa or apartment at the Royal Westmoreland, you’re buying a holiday home in one of the most prestigious, private resorts on the island’s west coast. With first-class residences, equipped and decorated to exceptionally high standards, this is the perfect retreat for getaway holidays.

In addition, The Royal Westmorland estate provides an exceptional array of amenities, including our stunning Robert Trent designed golf course, pro shop and clubhouse. We also have a members-only beach club on Mullins Beach, a state-of-the-art gym, clay tennis courts, salt water swimming pools and 750 acres of lush, well-kept tropical landscape with glorious views of the Caribbean. Included in the price is the luxury service enjoyed by rental guests, such as daily housekeeping, a concierge service and all the other benefits that come with our

Club Membership

The Royal Westmoreland is also part of the Preferred Residences Group, which offer luxury residences around the world. This enables you to swap your weeks in Barbados with weeks spent at other top locations across the globe. At Royal Westmoreland, you can also upgrade to full ownership by trading in your fractional ownership at the current selling price or original purchase price, whichever is the greater.

One of the other benefits of fractional ownership at The Royal Westmoreland is that it’s a great opportunity to make new friends. As people often visit at the same time of year, you’ll get to know your neighbours, find new golfing partners and enjoy the social occasions that are part of our friendly community.


Fractional ownership is the ideal solution for regular visitors to Barbados, providing you with the chance to have a stylish home for the times of the year you need it and which can be used as a rental investment if you wish. A fractional ownership of a villa or apartment at The Royal Westmoreland brings with it the use of our fabulous amenities and other great benefits.
If you are interested in our stunning villas and apartments, check out our fractional ownership page.