Fractional Ownership comes of age

Royal Westmoreland Properties External

Our fractional ownership scheme was introduced for our many repeat visitors, who love the Royal Westmoreland lifestyle, but who simply don’t have the holiday time to commit to full ownership.

Having had experience of a number of different fractional schemes over my career I can see how today’s fractional ownership schemes, including ours, has moved on and now offers more benefits to the consumer than ever.

With the evolution of technology and the internet the whole process is fully transparent, and customers can easily see how we stack up against the competition. Another important change is the exit strategy. Historically developers did not get involved in the resale component but now companies like us offer developer endorsed resale programs and they are a critical part of any high quality fractional scheme.

The entry of high quality third party trustees such as First National Trustee Company ( has also helped to reassure and protect the customers’ interests.

Villa 1 is anticipated to complete in August and Villa 3 has now released for sale.

If you are interested in hearing more about how fractional ownership works, please contact us – Barbados – Tel: (246) 232-0591