A fraction is perfect for us

Royal Westmoreland Properties External

Two of our recent fractional buyers (Ian and Jackie) have been kind enough to give us their feedback on why fractional ownership is an ideal solution for them.


Ian (53), a founder investor in an electronics business, and his lawyer wife Jackie (51) bought a deeded fraction of a 4 bedroom Royal Palm Villa at Royal Westmoreland, giving them equity ownership and use of their property for a month each year.

Having visited Barbados numerous times over many years, Ian and Jackie initially stayed in hotels but then switched to renting villas and stayed at Royal Westmoreland ten times before purchasing.

Ian comments: “Neither of us actually plays golf so that wasn’t an attraction for us, but we love the sense of space and the sweeping views over the golf course. The estate, as a whole, is well maintained and professionally run and if ever there is a problem with our villa, it is resolved quickly. You just don’t get that level of service generally in the Caribbean.”

“We own other homes and we know what a hassle they can be so we were delighted when we heard about the opportunity to buy a fraction of a villa. It’s totally hassle free; it feels like our house, yet we have no responsibility for it when we are back in the UK. It was an important consideration that we have equity in it and will be able to pass it on to family as we see fit, or sell it. When we have more time to spend in Barbados we will buy outright at Royal Westmoreland, trading the fractional ownership at the then market value, which will make the process easy, but for now a fraction is perfect for us.”