5 Features of the Ideal Barbados Villa

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If you are going to invest in a Barbados villa, it is important to make the right choices. While at the end of the day, that choice is often down to your personal tastes and the amount you choose to invest, there are many things to consider. These include the location of the villa, its design, finish and features and whether you wish to rent it out when you’re not there. Also, if it is located on a private estate, you’ll want to think about the amenities offered by that estate. To show you what’s possible in today’s property market, here, we’ll look at five features of the ideal Barbados villa.

Open plan living

Open plan building design is perfectly suited to modern living, especially in holiday properties. Not only does it allow natural light to percolate throughout a property, making it feel light and spacious; it opens up the space to make it easier for people to be together and move around. With an open plan villa, no one ends up stuck on their own in the kitchen.

What’s more, an open plan design also helps create a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors. It allows exterior views to be enjoyed throughout the interior and extends the living space way beyond the walls of the building onto the terrace, the pool and beyond.

Such a feeling of space is great for our wellbeing and ideal for those who go on holiday to spend time with their family and friends. It’s a space designed for relaxation, conversation and freedom of movement.

For those wishing to rent out their holiday properties, you’ll find open plan villas are highly popular with guests and have premium rental values.

Interior design

Going beyond the architecture of the villa, it is also important to think about the interior design of your property. If you are buying a luxury villa, you’ll want the finish of the building to match its grand design.

Today, this means designer kitchens, fully kitted out with top of the range brands, like Miele, and spacious bedrooms, with ultra-comfy beds and private bathrooms. You’ll want exceptional standards of decoration and the highest quality furnishings to make your villa comfortable and welcoming. You’ll also want the convenience of today’s mod cons: wi-fi, air-conditioning and the latest appliances.

External amenities

The Barbados climate is perfect for alfresco dining and this means the ideal villa will have a generously sized terrace on which there is enough space for everyone to sit comfortably at the table and eat. Being open plan, bringing out food from the kitchen to the terrace should be easy, as should moving to the table from your barbecue.

Moving further out, you’ll also want enough space on the terrace to place your sun loungers, so you can relax with a cool drink, enjoy the views ahead or dip into your holiday read. And when the temptation gets too much of you, you’ll need a good-sized, private swimming pool where you can dive in, cool off and have enough room to swim a few lengths. Of course, you might just want to spend the afternoon floating around in the refreshing breeze, soaking up the glorious Caribbean sun.

Of course, your terrace and pool should be perfectly framed by your garden, somewhere well-manicured and a pleasure to look at, while being a peaceful place to relax or somewhere where children can run around and have fun.

The wider resort

While it is totally possible for your villa to be located on its own grounds, in Barbados, there’s also the potential to purchase a plot on a private, gated estate. Not only does this mean your villa has round the clock security 365 days a year; it also provides you with a wealth of other amenities that self-contained villas just don’t have access to.

The members and guests of the 250 luxury properties at the prestigious Royal Westmoreland estate, for example, have exclusive access to our championship-standard golf-course, tennis courts, gym, private beach club and several, excellent on-site eateries, such as our colonial-style Club House. Furthermore, as a member of Royal Westmoreland, you’ll have access to our first-class services, such as a housekeeper, concierge and personal chefs, and you’ll be able to take part in some of the wonderful social events put on by the member community.

Location of your villa or resort

The location of your villa is vital, not just for having perfect holidays, but for ensuring you can make the most of rental opportunities and benefit from long-term increases in property value.

In Barbados, there is only one place to buy a luxury villa and that is on the exclusive west coast. Known as the platinum coast, here you will find the best beaches, restaurants, bars and shopping experiences. This part of the island is a favourite of A-list celebrities and the well-to-do, many of whom have their own villas along this stunningly beautiful stretch of shoreline.

You’ll find the beaches here far less busy than in the more touristy south and that the amenities in the nearby, picturesque Holetown and wider Parish of St James are of the highest quality. What’s more, being centrally located, a villa on the west coast puts you in easy access of all the great things to do on the island.


There is a lot to consider when buying a villa in Barbados, but hopefully, we have shown you what the ideal villa can be. Here at Royal Westmoreland, our Lancaster development provides the opportunity to make that ideal a reality. The villas on Lancaster Drive and Lancaster Grove come with exceptional views and offer architecturally stunning open plan living, fabulous interior design and external amenities on the island’s most prestigious, west coast resort.

For more information, visit our Lancaster Development page.

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