Seven Reasons to Get Married in Barbados

Your wedding day should be the best day of your life, and there are few better places to tie the knot than the warm shores of Barbados, where you can commit the rest of your life to that special someone with a background of sun, sand and sea.

You’re probably already sold, but here are seven reasons to go all out and book a Barbados wedding.

The Ultimate Romantic Setting

Fewer places are more romantic than the shores of Barbados, with its year-round sunshine, award-winning beaches and beautiful turquoise waters.

While all your friends are getting married in churches and registry offices, why not make your big day really stand out by getting hitched right on the beach?

A Huge Wedding Industry

Because getting married in Barbados is so popular, almost all of the hotels and resorts here have dedicated teams which are on hand to take all of the stress out of your big day, with many offering bespoke wedding packages.

You’ll have a great choice of luxury venues and everything from the catering to the entertainment can be sorted out for you before you arrive.

Easy to Set Up

One thing that puts people off destination weddings is sorting out the wedding licence, but in Barbados, there’s no required waiting period or minimum length of stay to get one.

Just head to the Ministry of Home Affairs with all the relevant paperwork and you’ll be set up and ready to get married!

A Wedding and Honeymoon in One

No need to worry about where you’re going to go for your honeymoon (or where you’re going to find the extra money from) because you’re already in one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

Once the excitement of the day itself has died down, your guests can all head home and leave the two of you alone to enjoy Barbados all to yourself, or you could move on to another neighbouring Caribbean island, or up to the US if you wish.

An Exclusive Guest List

Some people want their weddings to be quiet, intimate affairs, with only their nearest and dearest present, but feel under pressure to invite every last distant family member and co-worker.

With a Barbados wedding, because it’s so far away, you only need to invite those who are closest to you, making it perfect if you want to keep things small with the guest list.

Less Chance of a Washout

Even if you plan your wedding right in the middle of July here in the UK, there’s always that chance that the rain is going to come along and ruin everything.

But in Barbados, you’re more or less guaranteed excellent weather, no matter what time of year you go, although between July and November is considered the wet season, with a chance for the odd tropical storm.

More Affordable Than You Might Think

When you think Caribbean destination wedding, you can probably picture the money leaving your account in front of your very eyes.

And while you certainly can go all out and have a fancy, expensive wedding (and why shouldn’t you?), there are certainly ways to do a Barbados wedding on a budget, with venues and resorts right up and down the price scale.


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