Changes to UK pension scheme anticipated to draw further retirees to Barbados

Latest research by HSBC reveals that 5.4 million people from the UK, who are approaching retirement age, are considering buying a property abroad, taking advantage of the current Sterling appreciation and newly accessible pension pot money.


Following George Osborne¹s Budget announcement earlier this year, pensioners will be able to have full access to their pension money without any restrictions from April 2015, affecting 13million savers.

Barbados remains one of the top destinations for retirees who are attracted to the island¹s warm climate, safe communities, competitive house prices and regular flights to the UK.

The recent Government changes to the UK pension plans could lead to a growing demand for properties amongst the 55+ market and we advise buyers to put Barbados on the top of their list to get the best value for money. The currently strong pound to dollar exchange rate* can translate to additional savings of up to 30 per cent.