Caribbean dishes to cook at home

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The Caribbean is as renowned for its incredible food as it is the beautiful weather and flawless beaches.


If you have visited the Caribbean and you’re yearning for the wholesome dishes you enjoyed during your stay, then you could always try your hand at cooking up a taste of the Caribbean at home!

We’ve gathered together some of our favourite Caribbean dishes and found recipes for each, so that you can cook them at home. Even if you’ve yet to visit the Caribbean yourself, you can still pretend you’re there as you cook up a storm!

Jerk chicken

This classic Jamaican dish is enjoyed by people all over the world and one you’re probably already familiar with. It’s easy to make yourself at home and the allspice is what really gives jerk chicken its distinctive taste.

If you fancy giving it a try yourself, we like this recipe from Gordon Ramsay.

Rice and peas

Rice and peas (or in this case beans) is a staple Caribbean dish that is served with many main meals and goes well with almost everything.

It’s simple and easy to whip up, but full of flavour and a great source of protein. We found this great recipe for you to try from African Bites.

Beef patties

These delicious patties are a big hit with everyone who tries them and are a great addition to any dining table at meal time.

Melt in the mouth pastry is filled with spicy, flavoursome beef for a simple yet delicious Jamaican treat. Try them yourself with this recipe from African Bites!

Curry goat

While goat isn’t widely eaten in the UK, it’s actually one of the most commonly eaten meats in the world. With a taste somewhere between lamb and venison, it’s lean and full of flavour.

You can find goat meat at some butchers, and there are also some farmers who specialise in goat meat that is ethically produced.

In Jamaica, curry goat is a very popular dish at parties and special occasions, rather than an everyday dish, so why not try it yourself the next time you’re hosting a special meal? We love this recipe from Cook Like A Jamaican.

Macaroni Pie

This dish is one of the most popular foods here in Barbados, and is simply known as ‘pie’. It’s essentially macaroni cheese taken to the next level with the addition of seasoning and ketchup, and thickened up so that it can be cut into slices!

Try this popular side dish yourself at home with this recipe from Totally Barbados.

Prawn, sweet potato and lime curry

Seafood is a staple part of the Caribbean diet, with the clear blue waters providing more than just a great place to go for a swim.

We love this prawn, sweet potato and lime curry from Lorraine Pascale on BBC Food, which is full of flavour and ever so filling, especially since it’s served with black pepper roti bread.

This is a great meal to have up your sleeve as it can be cooked quickly so it makes a great evening meal when you come home from work and want to rustle up something delicious quickly.

Caribbean roast pork

The Caribbean Pot recipe site has a fantastic recipe for the ultimate oven roasted pork which you can find here. Roast pork is found everywhere across the Caribbean and is often served with rice and peas and other staples of the region.


This rich stew is made in large batches in kitchens all around the Caribbean, and no two recipes are ever the same, with family recipes being passed down through the generations.

Usually featuring beef, root vegetables, and dumplings, which add texture, we love this recipe from Levi Roots on BBC Food.

If you’d like to come and try the authentic Caribbean food here in the Barbados sun, why not take a look at our holiday and ownership opportunities here at Royal Westmoreland?