Can you get dual citizenship for Barbados as a Brit?

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If you have taken a look at our ownership opportunities here at Royal Westmoreland, you may well be thinking about the practicalities that come with buying property in Barbados.


Barbados has one of the most prosperous economies in the Caribbean, a stable government, and fantastic infrastructure and medical care, making it an incredible place to buy property, work, and live.

However, if you are thinking about living here in Barbados, it’s important to understand the terms under which you will be allowed to live here. The website has a helpful section on living in Barbados which outlines everything you need to know here.

Visitors must prove that they are able to support themselves financially during their stay, and are not allowed to work in the country without a valid work permit.

For those wishing to retire in Barbados, the UK state pension is payable in Barbados, and there is a large ex-pat community of British retirees.

For British Citizens wishing to live in Barbados who may be wondering whether getting dual citizenship would be a possibility, we’ve put together this guide to demystify the subject and give you all of the information you may need.

Why should you apply for dual citizenship?

If you permanently move overseas for an extended period of time, having dual citizenship can afford you privileges and benefits that you would not have as a visitor.

For example, those with citizenship are able to vote, join a trade union or political party, and hold a Barbadian passport.

Of course, the most obvious benefit of citizenship is the right to live in Barbados without having to reapply for the right to stay.

Another benefit of acquiring citizenship in Barbados is the right to work, as non-nationals often have difficulty working and must apply for a permit. There are also limitations for non-nationals working in Barbados. For example, your employer must prove that the job has been advertised to Barbadian locals first.

You can find out more about relocating to Barbados and some of the limitations on the relocation information page here.

Is dual citizenship allowed?

In most countries, if you apply for citizenship elsewhere, you must renounce your original citizenship, however, in the UK you are allowed to apply for dual citizenship without running this risk.

This makes getting dual citizenship as a Brit looking to live in Barbados a lot easier than it may be for those from other nations.

Acquiring citizenship

So how do you go about acquiring Barbadian citizenship? There are a number of different circumstances, of which citizenship by naturalisation is one of the most relevant to Brits.

In order to apply for naturalisation, those wishing to apply must meet the following criteria according to Barbadian nationality laws:

Resided in Barbados for five of the seven years prior to applying

Resided in Barbados all twelve months prior to applying

Intend to reside in Barbados thereafter

Swear allegiance to the Queen

You can also become a citizen by registration, descent, and marriage, and can find out more information on the Barbados page of the Dual Citizenship website here.

We hope this has given you some insight into the benefits of holding dual citizenship as a Brit and shed some light on the process.

Be sure to check out our ownership opportunities here at Royal Westmoreland if you are considering making the move!