Barbados Calendar

This January explore and savour some of the island’s proudest history with a night tour of the Garrison Historic Area, Barbados’ much vaunted UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Garrison – the largest in the British Colonies during the 18th and 19th centuries – is of great historic significance, and home to many unique sites. Beginning with George Washington House, where a young George Washington resided for two months in 1751, the tour proceeds to Stafford House, one of the more imposing garrison buildings.

Visitors then move on to The Main Guard, one of the site’s most outstanding buildings which overlooks the Savannah (home of the Barbados Turf Club). The building is adorned with a unique George III Coat of Arms made of Coade stone.
Moving past the Military Cemetery, which is sandwiched between the Charles and St Ann’s forts, the tour also takes in the nearby sea shore.

Two night tours are scheduled for 10th and 24th January 2014.

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