A Guide to the best shopping experiences in Barbados

Royal Westmoreland

You could say that Barbados is the real all-rounder of the Caribbean: great food, lovely weather, striking scenery, and fantastic shopping opportunities.


From small boutique shops to huge malls, you’ll find everything you need to satiate your shopping cravings on the island so we certainly recommend paying for extra baggage allowance for your journey home!

Barbados is also one of the best places in the Caribbean to go for duty-free shopping. Many of the goods in Barbados are duty-free for tourists and will be labeled as such in shops, with (DF) standing for duty-free and (LP) standing for local price.

If you’re interested in the best shopping experiences that Barbados can offer you, keep reading for our guide!

Broad Street, Bridgetown

Visiting Broad Street is an exciting experience in itself, regardless of whether or not you buy anything, as it’s the main street in Bridgetown, Barbados’ capital. However, it also calls itself home to a plethora of duty-free goods which is great for the pockets of its many tourists – just don’t forget to bring your passport and departure card!

Broad Street is frequently recommended for shopping but is best known for bringing its visitors top-notch jewellery shops such as Diamonds International, Little Switzerland, and Cave Shepherd.

And, when you’ve earned a much-needed break from shopping, there are plenty of restaurants in Bridgetown which fall at both ends of the price range, so you can fill yourself up with lots of delicious snacks.

Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown

Holetown’s Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is the perfect place for those on a higher budget to shop and for those on a lower budget to window shop; the word to describe Limegrove really is ‘luxurious’.

Here you’ll find plenty of high-end shops to peruse such as Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, M.A.C, Cartier, and Hugo BOSS, which combine with quaint, intimate restaurants and eateries to create over 100,000 square feet of a shopaholic’s dream.

But it’s not just swanky shops and dainty restaurants that you’ll find at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, on-site there is also an art gallery, bars, two cinemas, and a spa.

Chattel Village, Holetown

Chattel Village is well-known for being brightly coloured and boasting an array of delightful foliage, but it’s best-known for hosting a multitude of small shops which sell everything you could imagine.

Easily accessible by bus, this small village is packed full of shops such as Ganzee T-Shirt Shop, Best of Barbados Gift Shop, and The Gourmet Shop and you can pick up all manner of goods like art, local fashion, and gifts.

As well as being ideal for shopping, this is a great place to visit for its quirkiness and lively vibes; it’s guaranteed to be an interesting experience.

Sky Mall, St. Michael

Sky Mall was previously known as Mall Internationale, but was given a new lease of life in 2012 and is now one of the most convenient shopping spaces on the island. At this mall, you will be able to find everything you need under one roof and its new look and elegant interior gives its visitors a comfortable environment to enjoy their shopping experience.

As well as hosting all manner of shops and services from banking to fashion (there’s even a doctor’s office there!), the real star of the show at Sky Mall is the food court which features a variety of restaurants which will cater to anyone’s tastes.

Sky Mall often has deals on, so we recommend that you scope some of those out before you go so that you can make the most of your visit.