Why Barbados is Ideal for Post-Lockdown Holidays

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After months of lockdown and the easing of travel restrictions, lots of people will be looking forward to going on holiday. A concern for many, however, is finding a safe place to visit. The pandemic is still very much with us and this means some places are far safer to travel to than others. One of the safest places is Barbados and here we’ll explain why it is the ideal destination for a post-lockdown holiday.

Barbados is considered safe by the UK government

The first thing anyone should do before travelling abroad is to check whether the government gives a green light to visit your chosen destination. Barbados is considered a safe place to travel to and, based on current coronavirus risk assessment, is exempt from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office guidance on non-essential international travel. In other words, not only can UK residents go on holiday in Barbados, its safe enough that they won’t be required to quarantine on their return.

Low incidence of COVID-19 in Barbados

Due to government restrictions and the commitment of its people, Barbados has been only mildly affected by Covid-19. As of 15th July, there have only been around 100 cases on the island with fatalities in single figures. On 1st July, the country had gone 35 days without a single new case and, as a result, restrictions were eased and international flights to the island were resumed.

Stopping the virus at the border

As infection rates are well under control in Barbados, its government is determined not to import new cases from those visiting the island. As a result, it has put procedures in place for those traveling to Barbados, some of whom will need to be tested for COVID-19 before departure. For the most up to date details, read the Barbados Travel Protocols leaflet.    

These rigorous safety procedures considerably reduce the risk of the virus entering the country, making it an even safer place to go on holiday. This should certainly put holidaymakers at ease.

Safe holidaying

The low incidence of infection within Barbados means the country is no longer under lockdown. All its fabulous amenities and attractions are open for everyone to enjoy. However, just like everywhere else, protocols have been put in place to minimise risk even further.

Establishments such as resorts, hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions have to follow strict procedures to keep staff and customers safe. Indeed, the Barbadian government has issued separate and detailed protocols for visitor arrivals, accommodation, attractions, car rentals, transport operators, lifeguards, tour guides and water sports. Social distancing and hygiene are key requirements in all of these, so expect to see health monitoring, staff wearing masks, surfaces being regularly cleaned, non-contact interactions, smaller group sizes and limits on the number of people who can be in one place at the same time – this includes both indoor and outdoor places and on transport.      

Visitors will be expected, for their own and everyone else’s safety, to comply with the procedures; though, as they are very similar to the ones at home, most people will be quite practised at following them. The basic requirements are to keep one-metre social distancing, wash or sanitise your hands on entering a premises, cough or sneeze into a handkerchief and, in some places, wear a facemask. Some establishments may also ask to take your temperature before you can enter.

With these protocols in place, enjoying the best of Barbados should be an exceptionally safe experience for everyone.

Summing up

With its glorious weather, idyllic beaches and fantastic amenities, Barbados has always been a dream holiday destination. Today, it also ticks the box of being one of the safest places you can visit. With extremely low incidences of infection, robust entry requirements and a raft of protocols to keep everyone safe, Barbados is the ideal place for a lockdown holiday.

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