The Best Bajan Instagram Accounts to Follow to Take You Back to Your Holiday

Royal Westmoreland

After visiting our island paradise here in Barbados, it’s fairly common to be struck down with a serious case of the holiday blues which might take some time to recover from.

Gone are the azure skies, warm seas and white sandy beaches, to be replaced by the grey skies of Blighty and seemingly incessant rain, even during summer. No longer can you wander down for a swim in the ocean before breakfast (unless you want to catch hypothermia) and enjoy some freshly caught Caribbean seafood, but instead you’re back at your desk, trying to find motivation to hit the gym.

With that in mind, we’ve found some of the best Bajan Instagram accounts to follow to take you back on your holiday and beat those post-vacation blues.


Visit Barbados

Handle: @visitbarbados

As the official tourism board of the island, it’s little surprise that this account is full of stunning photographs and videos from across the island. From snaps of the clear blue sea to a montage of the Bajan carnival spirit, this will make you feel right at home after your trip to Barbados.


Scenes of Barbados

Handle: @scenesofbarbados

This account focuses on the beauty of the island through the eyes of its landscapes and the people who call it home. It has a more artistic feel and the filters often give its snaps a more rugged look, from the waves crashing against the rocks to the atmospheric sunsets, which really highlight the natural beauty of Barbados.


Loop Barbados

Handle: @loopbarbados

The Instagram account of this online travel resource is a real sight to behold, full of stunning snaps of the island. It ranges from the standard landscape scenes to the architecture of the island, highlighting some of Barbados’ lovely buildings, as well as the beautiful array of flowers to be found across Barbados.


Barbados Travel

Handle: @barbadostravel

This stunning account offers a well-rounded view of island life here in Barbados. Not only does it capture the beauty of the landscape, but also allows us to see the island from a new perspective. From pictures of the well-loved cuisine to the cheeky Green Monkey inhabitants and marine life under the sea, you’ll love these snaps.


Barbados Today

Handle: @barbadostoday

If part of your holiday blues revolves around not knowing just what’s going on in your favourite slice of paradise, then this account is the one for you. As the home of all the news on the island, you can keep up to date with events unfolding across Barbados, so you can feel like you’re actually there.


The Barbados Crop Over Hub

Handle: @barbadoscropoverhub

Crop Over is one of the most popular festivals in the Caribbean and originated in Barbados, with a six-week festival being held every year on the island. This account gives you a great insight into everything to do with this festival, from the costumes to the entertainment, so that you can be part of it even when you’re not on the island.


Barbados Filter

Handle: @barbadosfilter

While this account only has a small following and posts relatively sporadically, it’s still a great source of all that is Bajan to give you your Barbadian fix. Making use of the beautiful colours found throughout the island, you’ll find vibrant pictures of landscapes, flowers, animals and architecture so you can feel like you’re right back in Barbados.


Beautiful Barbados

Handle: @beautiful.barbados

This Instagram profile is very eclectic in the snaps and videos that it posts, perfectly capturing the Bajan sense of humour alongside the love of food, socialising and rum! You’ll find stunning landscape pics alongside funny Barbadian caption contests, as well as lots of snaps that will make you feel extremely hungry!


Beautifully Barbados

Handle: @beautifullybarbados

This account focuses purely on the beauty of the island through its landscape, culture, people and wildlife. From snaps of the stunning ocean framed by palm trees to the beautiful purple-hued sunsets and vivid green of the island, there’s something to marvel at in every picture, including a trip to the races.


Royal Westmoreland

Handle: @royalwestmorelands

Finally, our own Instagram account captures the best of Bajan life, if we do say so ourselves. With snaps of our simian friends on the estate to the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, as well as a friendly game or two of road tennis, we strive to make you feel right at home on the island, even if it is just through a screen!


That being said, if you would like to make this a reality and experience the true Barbados for yourself, why not take a look at our range of accommodation here at Royal Westmoreland?