How to pack for a Golfing Holiday

If you’re planning an epic golfing holiday, perhaps here with us at Royal Westmoreland, make sure that you don’t forget anything important when packing for your trip.


Packing properly can make or break any holiday, but with a golfing holiday it’s especially important to not forget the essentials. While it’s easy to remember the more obvious things such as your clubs, the little things will make all the difference to how comfortable your holiday is.

Prepare for the weather

Even here in Barbados it does still rain at certain times of year, so be sure that you’re prepared. Bring an umbrella, rain gear and those all-important rain gloves. It’s better to bring these things even if the forecast says you won’t need them than be without.

Also be sure to always pack sunscreen, as whatever the weather, you will need protection from the sun when spending plenty of time outdoors.

A good pair of sunglasses are a must for a golfing holiday too, particularly if you are sensitive to bright sunshine.

Pack smart

Depending on which airline you are flying with, you may be charged more to check your golf bag, so it’s well worth knowing this in advance.

Travel site Globehunters have put together a list of the best and worst airlines for flying with your golf gear which you can find here. Some are free, but others will charge up to £62!

There are a couple of things you can do to pack a little bit smarter if you are trying to avoid the extra expense of checking a separate bag for clothes as well as your golf bag.

A great packing tip is to invest in a golf travel bag that comes with built in clothes pockets, which are great for keeping things such as shoes and clubs from getting your clothes dirty and means you can save money on every trip by only flying with one bag in the hold, plus your hand luggage. Golf Monthly explains the bag they recommend in this review.

Golf street shoes are great as they can be worn both on and off course, and one way to pack a little bit lighter is to wear your golf shirt for the next day to dinner if you want to make sure you have something clean to wear but don’t want to bring several shirts per day.

Rolling up clothes can help to save space, as can filling your shoes with small items in your luggage.


It’s always worth having swimwear whatever climate you’re travelling to, as you’ll no doubt want to head to the pool or hot tub after a day of golf.

It’s easy to focus so much on remembering all of your golfing essentials that you forget your everyday toiletries, so make sure that doesn’t happen to you! Things such as razors and toothbrushes are easily forgotten.

Be sure you don’t leave any of your essential medication at home, and even things such as anti-allergy tablets can be a lifeline to sufferers.

Don’t forget to check how many golf balls you have in your bag, and make sure you have tees, gloves, insect repellent and any other essentials you can’t be without as these will cost you a fair penny once you’re away.

Electronics wise, always bring spare batteries and chargers as you will definitely be grateful for these. Of course, a holiday is a nice escape from technology, but you’ll still want to stay in touch with family and possibly work at some point during your trip!

We hope this has given you some insight into how to pack for your golfing holiday, particularly if it’s your first time heading off on a golf trip!