Everything You Need To Know About Hiring Child Care On Your Barbados Holiday

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The wonderful thing about Barbados is that it’s the perfect holiday destination for everyone: solo travellers, friends, couples, and families of every size.

And, with so many activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy, we completely understand why Barbados is a favourite destination for families with both younger and older children, ranging from toddlers to teenagers!

However, although there are plenty of things on the island to keep you and your little ones entertained, going on holiday is also about relaxing and doing exactly what you want to do once in a while!

Luckily for you, there’s a huge range of child care options in Barbados (even last minute ones!), allowing you and your kids to have a great time doing your own thing.


Island Sitters

Island Sitters is one of the most reputable child care services in Barbados, which allows you to hire experienced babysitters, nannies, and tutors for your children for the duration of your stay.

Using their online form, just provide the details of times, dates, the number of children who need looking after, and any other relevant details, and Island Sitters will process the request, sending you the details of one or more sitters who can help you.

Island Sitters are completely professional and offer a wide range of services, including pet sitting and looking after groups of children at events such as weddings.



Limegrove, which you can find in Holetown, is one of the best locations on the island for shopping, where you’ll find everything from Michael Kors and Hugo Boss to Crocs and SmartStore.

However, Playcreation know that shopping and children aren’t always an easy combination, which is why they’ve brought you on-site child care to keep you and your babies comfortable during your shopping experience.

At Playcreation, safety and fun are the two main priorities, but it’s not a daycare centre – if you wish to use the service while you shop, it’s for short periods only and making a reservation is recommended.


Trusted Care Providers

Another all-rounder, Trusted Care Providers offer a host of care options from emergency babysitting and bilingual nannies to sitters who can stay overnight and specialists in special needs, all of whom are experts in entertaining children with both indoor and outdoor activities.

Their nannies are certified carers and teachers who can even offer tutoring to your children, including sporting activities. And, if you book Trusted Care Providers’ holiday nanny service, you’ll also have access to their VIP FasTrack service, where you will be taken through immigration and customs and escorted to your car and accommodation.

This service can provide you with a holiday to suit every member of your family, as they know the island inside out!


Baby Gear Hire

If you’re planning a holiday to Barbados with young children, it’s definitely worth your while to get in contact with Baby Gear Hire as they’re able to provide you with a wide range of baby and infant necessities, saving you some serious packing space.

This service can give you everything you’ll need for your little one while you’re away, such as prams, baths, beds, and safety items, all for hire at a reasonable price so that you have nothing to worry about for the duration of your time in Barbados.

As well as all the baby equipment you could need, they also offer a babysitting service so that you can feel safe in the knowledge that your children will be enjoying themselves whilst you’re having some me-time.


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