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There’s no denying that lockdowns and social distancing take their toll on people’s wellbeing. So, if you’re wanting to escape to somewhere that’s guaranteed to lift your mood and get you away from the short days and miserable weather, a trip to Barbados is the perfect tonic for lockdown blues.

A safer place to be

Anyone looking for a holiday right now will be wanting to go to a destination that is safe. Thankfully, Barbados remains one of the safest places in the world to visit. At the time of writing, Barbados has had exceptionally few cases of coronavirus, a result of the highly effective measures put in place by the Barbadian government to protect its citizens and visitors.

Though there are strict protocols for everyone’s benefit, they ensure holidaymakers will be able to enjoy their vacation more safely and give them increased peace of mind.

Mood-lifting sunshine

Sunshine plays an important role in our wellbeing, with the lack of daylight during autumn and winter affecting our mood and triggering conditions like Seasonally Adjusted Depression. A trip to Barbados offers the ideal antidote. Not only are the days longer; there’s also far more sunshine, on average, 8 hours a day. And with tropical temperatures averaging 28°C during winter, you can swap the gloves and scarves for sunhats and shades. The great weather is just the trick to raise your spirits and means you can go out and do more of the things that make you feel happier.

Taking it easy

If the pandemic has upped your stress levels, Barbados is the perfect place to unwind. The leisurely pace of life on the island means you can slow down, kick back and relax. You can bask on the glorious, sun-kissed beaches, chill by the pool, find a shady spot to devour that latest page-turner or simply take a seat and marvel at the stunning tropical landscape that surrounds you. It’s the ideal place to soothe the tired soul, enjoy the good things in life, tuck into healthy, delicious food and bring back some much-needed balance.

Putting wellness first

Of course, if there are specific wellness activities you wish to take part in on the island, there are lots of opportunities to get involved. Although there will be social distancing protocols in place, you’ll still find yoga, Pilates and other fitness classes available, though these may be done in the open air, on the beach or even via Zoom, rather than in the studio. If these appeal, we highly recommend the excellent Singita Wellness Spa at Mullins Beach.

Alternatively, why not play a leisurely round of golf at Royal Westmoreland Golf Course where you can take advantage of our world-class facilities while enjoying the stunning views of the Caribbean coastline or go for a calming snorkel along the shoreline, seeking out the local turtles and tropical fish that inhabit the near-transparent waters?

Getting out into nature

There’s no better feel-good therapy than getting out into nature and in Barbados, you’ll find natural beauty everywhere. From the golden, palm-fringed beaches of the west to the rugged, wave-battered seascapes of the east, our small island has a diverse range of easy to get to landscapes, many of them made accessible with walkways and footpaths.

There are walks through tropical rainforests where you can spy indigenous green monkeys and brightly coloured hummingbirds, award-winning botanical gardens like the amazing Hunte’s and Andromeda, and awe-inspiring caves, like the ocean-facing Animal Flower Cave, with its sparkling coral floor, natural rock pools and sea anemones. We even have collapsed cave systems, like Welchman Hall Gully, with its acres of fascinating walks to explore.

With so many wonderful places to visit, there’s plenty of ways to explore the island, get a little light exercise and enjoy the calming influence of mother nature. What’s more, being outdoors, its easier to stay safe.

Royal Westmoreland – a safe, relaxing haven

If you are looking for a Barbados resort where you can be extremely relaxed, safe and enjoy the finer things the island has to offer, then Royal Westmoreland is your ultimate, west coast destination. Our luxury villas and apartments are finished to the highest standards and are spaciously dotted about our lush, 750-acre private estate. You’ll find the resort offers exceptional amenities, including a championship-standard golf course, state of the art sports and fitness facilities, excellent places to eat and drink, concierge, housekeeping, 24/7 security and even a members’ beach club at the nearby Mullins Beach.

Summing up

After the rollercoaster of 2020, most people will be looking for a pick-me-up holiday to get over the lockdown blues. If you want somewhere that’s safe, relaxing and with plenty of things to help restore that feel-good factor, Barbados is the place for you.

To help protect our guests, Royal Westmoreland has introduced a Low & Transferable offer. This allows you to secure your holiday for a 25% deposit and transfer the dates at any time up to 45 days before you arrive. For more details, visit our Low & Transferable page.

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