8 Things You Never Thought Of Doing In Barbados

 When it comes to a holiday in the Caribbean, the first things that come to mind are usually the same for everyone: white sandy beaches, azure seas, and lots of sunbathing, potentially interspersed with some water sports.

However, there’s lots more to this beautiful region that often goes unnoticed, Barbados included, with many visitors missing out on the hidden gems of the island.

With that in mind, we’ve found 10 things you never thought of doing in Barbados, so you can make the most of your next trip.


Exploring the historical sites

When you manage to tear yourself away from the beaches of the island, you’ll find a whole host of history to explore, from colonial plantation houses to Jewish synagogues.

St Nicholas Abbey, Sunbury Plantation House and Arlington House all offer a fascinating view into the colonial history of the island, covering the extensive heritage of Barbados, whilst George Washington House explores the history of the island during the life of the future US president.

The Garrison historic area is also of great interest to the history buffs, exploring the history of the largest British military complex in the Caribbean, and is also home to the Barbados Museum and Historical Society.

The Morgan Lewis Windmill is another fascinating historical site as the only intact sugar mill in Barbados, allowing you to gain an in-depth insight into one of the largest industries in the Caribbean.

Finally, the Nidhe Israel Synagogue and Museum explores the largely unknown Jewish history of the island.


Getting to know the local flora and fauna

Another must-have experience in Barbados is to explore the local flora and fauna of the island.

The Andromeda Botanic Gardens is a horticultural delight and you’ll be amazed at the variety of unique trees to the island, as well as the stunning collections of plants and flowers.

Similarly, Welchman Hall Gully is a great chance to explore the beautiful flora of the island, as well as getting up close and personal to the native Green Monkeys. It’s home to the grapefruit, the smallest snake in the world, and a stunning orchard.

Hunte’s Garden is another great stop for the budding horticulturalists, located in the centre of Barbados’ rainforest in a sinkhole gulley.


Avoiding the restaurants

When holidaying in the Caribbean, it’s tempting to check out the best and most luxurious restaurants in the area.

However, the best food can often be found in local eateries rather than tourist driven restaurants. Oistin’s Fish Fry, Cuz’s Fish Shack and the many roadside and beachside barbecues should not be missed, offering up delicious seafood and tasty local dishes in true native style.


Watching racehorses

Another hidden gem of the island that is often missed by visitors is the chance to watch racehorses frolicking in the sea.

Most days, the racehorses from the Garrison Savannah race course head down to Pebbles Beach to cool off in the ocean and get some light exercise.

Although it’s an early get up, with the trainers typically taking the horses down between 3:00 am and 6:00 am, it’s well worth the trip.


Marvelling over Concorde

One thing you probably wouldn’t associate with Barbados is the legendary Concorde, but the Barbados Concorde Experience allows you to explore the history of this groundbreaking aircraft.

Located at the Grantley Adams International Airport, you can see the legendary British Airways Concorde G-BOAE at its final resting place and get to learn how the amazing technology was developed.

Plus, to top it all off, you can even experience how it felt to fly at supersonic speed!


Catching a comedy show

Barbadians are known for their witty sense of humour and love to have a good joke, with numerous comedy events taking place across the island.

The two most popular events are ‘Pampalam’ and ‘Laugh It Off’, which are often based on gossip, colourful local characters and socio-political events, all done through playful Bajan.

Whilst the use of this local dialect might make it difficult to understand for tourists, it’s well worth attending, even if just for the atmosphere!


Playing a game of polo

Although Barbados is known for its love of cricket, there are also lots of opportunities to partake in a quintessential British sport.

You can learn how to play the basics at many of the polo clubs across the island but, if you’re not up for trying it for yourself, you can also catch one of the many games too.


Take a trip down memory lane

Finally, one of the best experiences in Barbados is the drive-in cinema located just outside of Bridgetown.

Showing both new releases and some retro films, this movie theatre is a great chance to snuggle up under the stars with a homemade picnic and is a wonderful experience for all the family.


So, if you’re planning on heading to Barbados for your next holiday, check out our luxury accommodation here at Royal Westmoreland.