10 Best Selfie Spots on Barbados

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Whether you’re looking for idyllic places for making memories or taking the coolest selfies to post on Instagram, Barbados is an island full of photographic potential. With its vibrant colours, stunning nature and places of cultural and historical interest, you’ll won’t be lacking for opportunities. If you are looking for locations to get the best shots, here are ten of our favourite places.

1. Underwater shipwreck shots

For the ultimate underwater selfie, grab your Go Pro and head out to Carlisle Bay where you can take a diving trip to explore the half a dozen shipwrecks that lie in the coastal waters. Grab shots of you diving alongside the stunning, coral encrusted hulls of some of these hidden treasures or get a close up of you swimming with the turtles, tropical fish, octopuses and seahorses that have made these wrecks their home.

2. The Animal Flower Cave

At the north of Barbados, you’ll find the Animal Flower Cave, the island’s only accessible sea cave, named after the beautiful sea anemones that live in its ocean filled pools. Here you’ll discover one of the most sought-after photo opportunities on the island, where visitors take selfies looking into the cave with the ocean behind them, framed by the mouth of the cave itself. What makes these shots more magical is that the cave’s 500,000 year old coral floor casts wonderful reflections on the inner walls.

3. Mullins Beach

Beach selfies are perhaps the most iconic images of Barbados; after all, our beautiful beaches are one of our biggest attractions. With palm trees, golden sands, blue skies and aquamarine waters, there’s no end of opportunities for a great beach selfie. However, if you are looking for the perfect beach shot, we recommend the stunning Mullins Beach on the west coast. You won’t be disappointed – and neither will your Instagram followers.

4. Glorious sunset selfies

Barbados is famous for its magnificent sunsets that splash red and golden hues across the sky and ocean. These present the ideal opportunity for panoramic selfies. Depending on where along the west coast you take them, these can include beaches in the foreground, stunning cliff tops in the mid-ground and glowing sunsets in the distance. Ideal for flash-lit faces or artistic silhouette shots.

5. Hunte’s Gardens

The fabulous Hunte’s Gardens is widely regarded as one the most beautiful and spectacular places on the island. Situated in the rainforest, this collection of uniquely designed secret gardens offers the perfect setting for unlimited selfie opportunities as well as a great place for a day out. Many of the gardens have interesting statues which often turn up in the selfies that visitors take there. The stretching Buddha is particularly good at photobombing.

6. Offshore selfies

Barbados has a stunning coastline and the best vantage point to appreciate it is offshore. Most visitors get this experience by going on one of the catamaran tours that are widely available. While these provide you with the unique chance to swim with the turtles and snorkel among the wrecks, they also provide some interesting panoramic selfie shots of you with the island in the background.

7. Historic Bridgetown

All over the world, visitors take selfies with iconic places in the background, whether that’s Big Ben in London or Times Square in New York. In Barbados, the must go place is to the historic centre of Bridgetown. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is packed with unique photo opportunities, including the impressive Barbados Garrison, the Parliament Building and the Independence Arch.

8. Big wave shots

While the west coast of Barbados is calm and perfect for swimming, the east coast faces out towards the Atlantic and lands some of the biggest and best rollers in the Caribbean. Here you’ll find a surfers’ paradise and have plenty of opportunities to snap yourself with a giant wave heading towards you. Don’t stand too close to the water’s edge, though, these are serious waves and swimming isn’t recommended on this part of the island.

9. Typically Barbadian Oistins

If you want a selfie that sums Barbados up in a single shot, head to the fishing village of Oistins. Here you’ll find traditional fishing boats bringing home the day’s catch and an array of picturesque rum and street food shacks. For the ideal selfie, head towards the end of the pier and point your camera towards the village. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get a selfie with the clever turtles that follow the fishing boats home looking for scraps to eat.

10. The Bridge of Tides

Our final choice for a great selfie is with perhaps the most spectacular artwork on the island, The Bridge of Tides, more commonly known as the Speightstown Mural. At over eighty feet wide and twenty feet high, this outdoor painting by Californian artist, John Pugh, is a superb optical illusion that looks three dimensional but is actually created on a flat surface.


If you are looking for a holiday which gives you plenty of opportunities to take great selfies that you can treasure for a lifetime, then Barbados has everything you could want. Hopefully, the ten selfie ideas we provided here will inspire you to shoot some great images of your own.

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