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Royal Westmoreland

Situated in a former chattel house in St James parish, Cariba restaurant serves delicious modern Caribbean cuisine with an ‘Asian twist’.


Under the management of husband and wife team Glen and Faye Bent, diners have continued to flock to this tucked away location since it opened five years ago. Executive Chef Glen’s former work in Japan honed his skills in Asian styles and ingredients, much of which rubs off on his menu at Cariba.

The relatively small restaurant provides an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, and often Glen will join guests at the end of the meals to discuss their experience. Diners can enjoy such dishes as Jerk Pork Chop with Spring Onion Pancake and Blackened Sirloin Steak with Spicy Fries & Aged Rum Sauce, whilst the lounge bar serves up many delicious cocktails.