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Don't Miss: Bajan BBQ Nights at the Rum Shak

Don't Miss: Bajan BBQ Nights at the Rum Shak

The "Rum Shak" has always been a firm favourite with guests. Serving up refreshing local drinks and light bites every Tuesday to Sunday from 6:30 until 10:30pm, this is the place where friends and family gather to discuss the highlights of their day.


Not to be missed, the “Rum Shak” serves up something extra special, the popular Saturday Night Barbecue! These are held weekly until the 4th of May, so be sure to visit for the best of Bajan style barbecue offering fresh Mai Mai fish and sizzling meats served to your liking. With accompaniments such as crisp salad, macaroni pie and baked potato, you’ll definitely be going back for more!

There are further Saturday Night Barbecues planned for July and August so be sure to plan a visit during those months.


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