All the Latest Fitness News from Royal Westmoreland

We are all fortunate enough to spend time on this lovely island with weather conducive to outdoor active living.  As golfers, tennis players, walkers, swimmers, yogis etc we are all well aware of the amazing benefits of staying active well into our later years "Keep moving and your body will stay young". 
One area of fitness that seems to be often overlooked is strength training or weight lifting.  At Royal Westmoreland we are very fortunate to have a well equipped gym with machines, free weights, medicine balls and everything you need to develop a comprehensive strength training routine. 
Strength training has so many benefits, the most obvious one is weight management. Building lean muscle mass increases your metabolism and as a result reduces fat. The reduction of fat is also visceral (around your body's organs) which as a result lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease.  Building muscle tissue also increases the muscles demand for glucose from the bloodstream, which helps to prevent diabetes. 
Weight training strengthens your bones which helps reduce your risk of osteoporosis, this is of particular importance to women. 
As you gain strength, joints and muscles work together more efficiently to increase balance, flexibility, stamina and injury prevention. 
More recent studies have proven that through development of skeletal muscle there is evidence of newly formed nuclei as well as additional nervous system connections. Therefore strong muscles translates not only to improved athletic performance but brain and nervous system function as well. 
Look out for more fitness ideas to get started in the gym as well as some nutrition tips in this monthly newsletter. 

So whether you'd like to improve your golf or tennis, lose weight, stay toned, live longer or feel younger, commit at least 3 hours a week to strength training.....see you at the gym! 
There is a list of certified personal trainers at the gym or give me a call anytime to help set you up with a program.
Michelle Jamieson