The Buchanan Results

February 21st and 22nd 2014

The Buchanan Champions: Damian Edghill and Bobby Edghill
The Orchid Flight Winners: Allwyne Horsley and Wendy Menzies - 34 ½  points
The Ixora Flight Winners: Ian Blackson and Sharon Butler Rowe -  41 ½ points
The Hibiscus Flight Winners: Andreas Kusay and Steven Mannik - 38 ½ points
The Frangipani Flight Winners: Yvonne Brewer and Paul Alleyne - 36 ½ points
The Duranta Flight Winners: Ian Wilson and Andy Sandeman - 32 ½ points
The Croton Flight Winners: Neil Jamieson and Jeff Goraib - 34 points
The Bougainvillea Flight Winners: Ritchie Alleyne and Roger Beale Sr. - 35 points
The Allamanda Flight Winners: Damian Edghill and Bobby Edghill - 29 ½ points