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Top Instagram accounts that show off beautiful Barbados

You may have noticed that we recently set up our very own Royal Westmoreland Instagram account – if you’ve not checked it out yet, you can follow us and like our photos.

Barbados is just too beautiful not to show off, which is why Instagram is the perfect social media platform for us. However, while our Instagram is just starting out, there are plenty of other accounts that capture the unique Bajan landscapes, delicious foods (everyone loves a food shot these days it seems), diverse wildlife and the wonderful people.

So, we got together over a cocktail or two and found the Instagram accounts we feel show off Barbados in its best light.

Scenes of Barbados is run by Kyle Babb, who also curates his imagery in his Tumblr account. Babb is fond of capturing the variety the island offers, from ocean scenes to the local people. His photography offers a real sense of what the island is about – he’s always capturing the wide-range of influences that makes the island so special.

Barbados Travel is the official tourist information board for the island. They’ve been ‘Instagramming’ wonderful photos for a few years now, and their posts usually feature tourist hotspots, secret hideaways, and scenes that’ll inspire you to explore the island like never before.

Perhaps the account that best captures the vibrancy of the island. Expect images of holidaymakers and younger islanders enjoying the sunshine - they’ve also been utilising the relatively new video feature to capture live music, the ocean, and everything in between.

There are more food shots on this feed than anything else. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing in Barbados! If the food doesn’t whet your appetite, the landscape shots will feed your imagination and inspire the traveller in you. You’ll find everything from photos of the island’s windmills to rainbows and azure oceans – the island has never looked better.

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