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5 Watersports to Dive Into in Barbados


Barbados is more than just beautiful sands and unchartered beaches; there’s a whole ocean surrounding the island for you to explore. Whether you’re the adventurous type or just want to try something a bit different during your holiday, Barbados has so many watersports you can dive right into. Why not leave the sunbathing for later and have fun in the sea?


Barbados is home to some of the best beaches in the whole of the Caribbean, making it the perfect place to try your hand at surfing.

The east coast is surfer’s heaven, with the town of Bathsheba being the place to head to if you want to get the full surfing experience. Known for its legendary waves, which are coined Soup Bowl by the locals, this is where you can grab your board and perfect your gliding skills on the surf. The annual Reef Classic Barbados International Surf Contest takes place here in November for all those surfing dudes, so there’s still time to practise.

If you’re a beginner though, or a bit unsteady on your feet, there are plenty of instructors on hand at many of the beaches. Learn from the best in a relaxed environment. You never know, you may become a natural.


If surfing isn’t your thing but you still want something to get your adrenalin pumping, waterskiing is just as high-speed. Performing the balancing act and walking on water is quick tricky to master, but instructors welcome people of all abilities so if you’ve always wanted to give it a go, the friendly watersports operators across Barbados’ beaches are there to help.

More experienced waterskiers just need to let the operator know and the speed will be bumped up for a faster and more challenging ride. If you can’t quite pluck up the courage to try out waterskiing, enjoy the ride in the speedboat and watch your friend or family member brave the seas instead.

Swimming with the Turtles

For something a bit more relaxed, venture to calmer waters and swim with the turtles. There are few things as relaxing as strapping on your snorkel and gliding alongside nature’s gentle sea friends.

The island has a large population of healthy hawksbill and leatherback turtles dotted across the surrounding waters, all of which are protected by conservation efforts. Follow the steady routine of the sociable creatures and explore the vibrant coral reefs, many of which can be accessed easily from the shore.

You’ll be able to spot a bale of turtles if you take one of the many catamaran trips too, but it’s much more fun to swim alongside them and create some unforgettable memories. Just remember to pack your underwater camera.

Scuba Diving

Dive in deeper to explore the hidden depths of the sea by scuba diving. There are a number of special diving spots located further out from the shore that are just a short boat ride away. The beautiful reef dive sites offer a myriad of tropical marine life in the island’s crystal clear waters, and if you’re lucky you might even be able to spot a sunken shipwreck too.

Many of the island’s top dive operators hold novice courses for those wishing to scuba dive for the first time, as well as holding professional diving trips and private or small-group dives, so that you can have a personalised underwater experience.


If you’re looking to explore the island from the water but don’t want the busy queues of boat tours, kayaking is the next best thing. Mixing adventure with stunning views of the island’s white beaches, tropical habitats and calm waters, kayaking lets you take a more scenic route over the colourful coral reefs.

The calmest waters can be found on the west coast, making it the ideal romantic daytrip for you and your partner. Those seeking a bigger thrill should head to the south coast for choppier waters and whitewater rapids.

Dive into Barbados by Booking Your Holiday

Barbados really does have something for all water fans, so whether you’re looking for a new watersports challenge or want to explore the tropical underwater habitats of the island’s reefs, book your holiday today.

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